Hey UMAC'ers. It saddens us here at UMAC, but we have to cancel the Tuesday evening Zumba class. It is such an awesome class with one of the best instructors, but we just couldn't get the attendance we needed to continue. Hopefully, we'll be able to add it back in the future. We'll be adding another class into the Tuesday evening fitness timeslot soon so be on the lookout. See you all soon! ...

Getting class format organized for a terrific COMBATFIT class tonight at 6:15pm!!!

If you're looking for a super efficient total body, self-paced workout, then look no further.

And I have to say, folks love getting rid of the stress of the day by taking it all out on those bags. BAM!!

3 Spots left for this Saturday's Women's Self-defense class. Only one this winter! Guaranteed to give you a completely new outlook on your ability to control your personal safety! Call 585-924-7450 to reserve your spot. ...

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